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Using the fixed removable overdenture on a milled bar as an alternative treatment method in cases of unfavorable implant placement in the edentulous maxilla or mandible.

When restoring the edentulous maxilla or mandible with an implant supported prosthesis, it is necessary to balance the requirements of function and esthetics. For best esthetic and phonetic results, a close contact between the denture base and the alveolar mucosa is required.

This however, makes it difficult to clean the periimplantary areas properly. Also, if implant positioning is not ideal, it is difficult to make a restoration that is esthetically acceptable to the patient. The best way to solve the conflicting demands of esthetics and function is to use a custom milled bar as the substructure. An overdenture is then made, using the nonresilient, positive locking, friction free MK 1 attachment to lock the overdenture to the subframe. The overdenture corrects the malalignment of the implants; the MK 1 attachments allow the patient to easily remove the denture for proper hygiene.
photo photo photo
Milled implant bar with MK1 attachments
photo     photo
Fixed removeable overdenture for
Milled bar with MK 1 attachments. Lock
can be activated by patient for easy removal

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